SOAK wood fired soaking tub

* The SOAK is currently being assessed for production with different vendors on Vancouver Island, B.C.  The first run was made with ox + monkey on the Sunshine Coast and Kez is in talks currently. Please contact her if you want to be kept informed. 


Inspired by the sleek lines and healing properties of the Japanese Ofuro soaking tub and infused with simple Bauhaus form, the SOAK is a two person, outdoor wood fired soaking style hot tub with a propane heating option. Designed to create an intimate and restorative experience, the SOAK connects the users with the healing properties of water. It features an innovative side accessed stove fully integrated into a marine grade aluminum body, locally harvested Red Cedar and stainless steel stove pipe. With a commitment to quality, it is made utilizing specialized fabrication methods and tig welding. Dimensions: L: 90” x W: 32” x H: 34”

Kez’s criteria for designing the SOAK was for it to be 2 person (less water), minimal in appearance, high quality materials, no chemicals and solid construction. She wanted it to be propane heated for ease of use as well as wood burning. Her inspirations are a love of water and fire and constant desire for a hot bath.
Materials include: Aluminum, Red Cedar, Stainless Steel


“After using the SOAK for a couple of months I am pleased to report we are incredibly pleased with it. You have a great product that is sure to take off. Already two people who have seen it here want one.”
~ Sue and Jonathan Wilde, Ontario

“The SOAK has completely changed our outdoor experience at our cabin and we love it. Cannot thank you enough for creating a beautiful work of art that just happens to be the best damned wood hot tub around. Everyone who has visited has hot tub envy. Who needs electricity?!”
~ Doug Quist, Alaska